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The Irrepressibles

The Irrepressibles is een fantastisch Londens barok rock-gedoe van 10 muzikanten onder leiding van een echte componist. “In this shirt” heeft duidelijke homo-sensuele overtones, wat uitgedrukt wordt in bovenstaande Israelische video-compositie van

  • producers: Roy Raz and Eitan Tal
  • cinematography: Roman Linetsky
  • editor: Ornit Levi
  • styling: Gustavo Matias Franco
  • make up and hair: Tomas Shemesh and Noga Tamir
  • post production: Assaf Yeger

De video die de groep op hun eigen website hebben:

I am lost, in our rainbow, now our rainbow has gone,
Overcast, by your shadow, as our worlds move on,
But in this shirt, I can be you, to be near you for a while,
There’s a crane, knocking down all those things, that we were,
I awake, in the night, to hear the engines purr,
There’s a pain, it does ripple through my frame, makes me lame,
There’s a thorn, in my side, it’s the shame, it’s the pride…
Of you and me, ever changing, moving on now, moving fast,
And his touch, must be wanted, must become, through your ask,
But I need Jake to tell you, that I love you, it never rests,
And I’ve bled every day now, for a year, for a year,
I did send you a note on the wind for to read….
… Our names there together must have fallen like a seed…
… To the depths of the soil buried deep in the ground,
On the wind, I could hear you, call my name, held the sounds,
I am lost, in our rainbow, now our rainbow has gone

De muziek van The Irrepressibles wordt ook gebruikt in een promotionele video voor de film “The Forgotten Circus”:

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