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Holebi-rechten eventueel na de revolutie

een burger kust een militair op het Tahrir-plein

“IceQueer” is een Marokkaans-Egyptische homo en blogger. Hij is student medicijnen en loopt stage in Cairo. Hij bemant een veldhospitaal op het Tahrir-plein en publiceerde afgelopen zaterdag (gisteren)  een interview met zichzelf (lees het volledige interview).

IceQueer vertelt dat het Tahrir-plein ook een gekende cruisingplaats was voor homo’s, en dat hij daar nu al veel lol over gehad heeft met zijn vrienden. En verder…

Can you describe the social/cultural situation for LGBT people in Egypt in the last few years?
IceQueer: It’s diverse and it’s like most of LGBT communities around the world; you’ve all kinds of social and culture differences from deeply conservatives to utterly liberal. But the exposure to western media via internet and TV helped a lot of people in understanding more about their sexuality and how to accept it…etc I already see that the new generation takes less time in accepting their sexuality than older generation used to

Can you be out and gay in Egypt?
IQ: It depends on your personality, your social class, your friends and your family. For me, I’m openly gay to my parents and all of my close straight friends.

Are you out to some people in Egypt, and if yes, what kind of responses do you get?
IQ: Like I said before, I’m out to all of my close friends. You get various responses, some would say they wouldn’t lose a friend just because you’ve different preferences in bed, some would go into long tiring debates with you whether homosexuality is sinful or not and whether it’s a choice or not…etc. Again it all depends on one’s personality, social environment and religious background.

How do people meet each other?
IQ: Mostly through dating website on the internet but you can also meet guys in private house gay parties and gatherings.

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