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Gayness is een uitdaging van God

Homoseksualiteit is een bijzondere uitdaging van Jezus Christus aan u…

  • Matthew!
  • What’s up, John?
  • You read the e-mails?
  • No but I heard all about them
  • Yes, some people watched our videos and they called us homophobes…
  • But we’re not!
  • We think there’s an important distinction to be made
  • Yeah. We don’t even think it’s a sin to be gay
  • It’s just a sin to do gay acts. We all know that
  • Yeah. So we wrote this new song about it. Oh we also feature a new youth minister [misdienaar], Benjamin Saint-James. He rocks!

God made this beautiful world in six days
Isn’t he the best?
But what most people don’t know
is on the seventh day he didn’t rest…

… Gayness is a special challenge from Jezus to you.

The Retar Crew (VS, 2010)
Gaynesss (a special challenge)

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